Watanuki has a real tsundere relationship with me, first ignoring me or assaulting my toes, then suddenly snuggling against my hip or tapping my leg with his paw* until I pat him.

* OK, so he extends his claws when he taps my shin. It’s to make it clear that he doesn’t really like me; he’s only cuddling because he’s worried that he might get frostbitten.

So this is a whole new level of appreciation. As soon as I put my suitcase in the bedroom, he knocked it over and sat on it. Look at that face; I’ve never seen a better rendition of “Ha-ha, stupid biped! I dare you to put clothes in this thing now!”

I dumped him off and stood it up again.

Five minutes later, ‘Nuki knocked it over and sat on it again.

We went through several cycles of this before I opened it and showed him that I had already put my clothes in it.

He gave me a disgusted look and hopped up on the bed, let me watch the baseball game in peace for almost an inning, and then attacked my toes.

In the morning, I woke up to find him sitting on the suitcase again.