As an ethical blogger, I have an obligation to give you, my readers, the most accurate information I available. It also means that, in the hopefully rare cases where that information later proves incomplete or incorrect, I have an obligation to issue a correction.

This is one of those occasions.

Last September, I reported on Watanuki’s emo side. At the time, Mr. Knuckles’ preferred method of exorcising his negative feelings was to write poetry. However, it seems that’s not the full extent of his artistic tendencies.

‘Nuki also works in the fabric arts.


I came downstairs the other day and found that he had commandeered Maggie’s sewing machine. Before he could hide the evidence, I snapped this picture for proof.

ns2ns3ns4In retrospect, this does explain some of his habits. In isolation, his tendency to explore the dryer, hang out with stuffed animals, and hide under clothes and bedding passed as odd quirks. Taken together, though, they do suggest a fascination, perhaps even an obsession, with cloth goods.

I’m not sure what he was working on here. The light blue fabric seems uncharacteristically cheerful for him, but perhaps he’s using it ironically. Or working on a commission. If he is selling his creations online, I’ll certainly provide a link as soon as I hunt down his site.

Come to think it, this probably explains why he keeps his claws so sharp: he’s using them as needles for hand finishing. Correction: paw finishing.