This time last year, Sachiko was still a kitten and spending most of her time in a warm room.

Now she’s a full-grown, albeit itty-bitty, kitty. But she still has much to learn. In recent days, her studies have focused on heat vents.
As you can see, she’s still a bit unclear on the concept.

She’ll learn, I’m sure, and soon we’ll be finding her lying in front of the vent, soaking up all of the heat.

Hopefully, however, she won’t learn proper heat vent management from her big brudder Nookles.

05-2I watched him at work the other day and it was quite impressive. He was very methodical about it, pinning down one side of the plastic shield with his paw and yanking at the other side with his teeth until they separated. He twisted the piece on the right, trying to break the magnet loose, but gave up after a minute or so, hooked a paw under the edge of the vent, and calmly flipped it over. He shoved the vent across the floor, gave the shield a contemptuous kick, and left the room.

I have no idea what the vent did to him, but he sure showed it who the boss is!