You Asked For It

Another late post? Yup.

Great art takes time.

And so does what I produce around here, especially when cats are involved. All jokes about cat herding aside, it’s tough to get them to actually pose.

That said, please note that you have been warned: sensitive viewers may want to skip this post.



You wanted Sachiko’s bad side?

You got it.

Just imagine this as the first thing you see when the furry alarm clock awakens you thirty minutes before the other alarm clock is set to come on.

A Worthy Successor

Rufus was, and probably will always be, the champion blepper of the household.

Fortunately for those of us who love a good blep, Rhubarb is highly accomplished in the field.

(Thanks to Maggie for the photo.)

A master class talent, wouldn’t you say?

And the 3/4 inverted head adds more than a trifling measure of charm.

It is, however, the freckled nose that really sells the blep.

Unusual Sights

I’ve got three unusual sights for you today. Or rather, one unusual sight at three different zoom levels to highlight the oddities.

First, admire this peaceful scene:
That’s right. Five cats, one bed. That’s unusual in itself, but when you consider that nobody is attacking anyone else–not even glaring at anyone else–it moves from “unusual” to “practically unique:.

Now, turn your attention to the lower right corner:
Rhubarb and Yuki aren’t exactly the best of friends. They don’t particularly fight, but Rhubarb generally keeps a wary distance between them. For him to actually play pillow is highly unusual. (Note, by the way, the modified Rhubarbasana pose. Still too tight a curl for my back, but might be useful for beginners.)

Finally, take a close look at Mr. Yuki.
Yes, that white thing really is a whisker, and yes, it does have a ninety degree change of direction. Actually, it’s even more convoluted than it seems in this shot: when seen from the front, it appears to wander off into a previously-unknown dimension–call it Whiskerspace. It’s his only white feature (his ear, lip, and other parts that appear white in this photo are actually black; they’re just reflecting the camera flash). Positively unique!


There’s a reason we sometimes call Watanuki “The Saber-tooth Thug”.

14-2Lest you think this is a posed shot, or a one-time event, here’s a shot from two years ago.

14-3And one from last year. (Are those pink toe pads entirely too cute for words, or what?

Sachiko, as we’ve seen, idolizes her “Big Brudder Nookles,” and she deeply regrets her lack of similar fangage. So she’s started trying to stretch her upper jaw to overlap the lower. I fear she’s succeeding; we may well have a matched set of Saber-tooth Tuxes soon.