km1“Mommy,” Kaja asked recently, “why do you still use this piece of junk?”

I said last week that Kaja is the in-house iPad expert. What I didn’t mention is that she’s an enthusiastic evangelist for the post-mouse era of computing.

km2“I mean, how does this make any sense?” she continued. “If I jiggle something over here, why should something happen on the screen all the way over there? It’s just illogical.”

She tapped the mouse a couple of times. “See what I mean? Yeah, OK, I know it’s not plugged in, but you get what I’m saying, right?

“Here, let me show you the right way to handle one of these things.”

km3With one swift snap of her jaws, Kaja severed the mouse’s spine halfway along the tail. “Cut the cord, Mommy. Get a touchscreen. Even a biped should be able to see the advantages.”

km4Her work done, Kaja retired to the comfort of the heat vent and reflected smugly on the day’s efforts.

Maggie bought a new mouse. It’s wireless.