Hanging Around

A couple of cameo appearances today. Perhaps you recall Beth and Eric’s feline overlords, Patience and Fortitude?

They’re no longer kittens, but they’re still quite the cuties.


“I haz a nest.” –Forti


“Oh, yeah? Well I haz a nest too, and I haz a kyute.” –Patti


“Oy, haz I gots a dubious about the both of youse.” –Sachiko.  (Why yes, we are corrupting her language. Isn’t that what one is supposed to do to one’s kids?)


Mistakes, deleted scenes, and alternate versions are always popular (see, for example, the Star Trek Blooper Reel, the credits of almost every Jackie Chan movie, and every “director’s cut” video release).

There were a few pictures that didn’t get used in Tuesday’s baseball prediction post.

You know where I’m going with this, right?

(As usual, you can click the thumbnails to see the pictures with all of their glorious detail.)

“OK, guys, I’ve had enough now. Take the damn cap off of me before you lose a finger.”

“You want me to do what with that thing? What the heck is it, anyway?”

“Achoo! Sorry, I thimbk I’bm allergic to plastic.”

“You’ve heard of a greased pig chase? Let’s try a goosed cat chase!”

“Where are the groupies? I never would have agreed to this gig if I had known there weren’t going to be any groupies.”

“What the…? Is that a camera? Get that thing outta here before I call security!”

“Unauthorized camera. No groupies. OK, that’s it. I’m done.”

Not a Draft Dodger

Last June, I highlighted Yuki’s role in our home security system. I didn’t mention it at the time, but that’s actually his second job. His primary responsibility, as I mentioned in his original introduction back in April, is to serve as a draft-stopper, preventing cold air from leaking under one door or another.

It’s a responsibility he takes very seriously. He started teaching himself the ropes within days of his arrival in the house.

y2There were some early problems.y3As you can see, it took him a little while to figure out that he had to align himself with the door, and a little longer to realize that some doors were already adequately covered.

He persevered, eventually mastering all of the tricks of the trade, and today he’s a world-class draft-stopper. He hasn’t let success go to his head, though. Even now he continues to practice hard. Just a few days ago, I found him working on his extended-tail maneuvers.

On behalf of my often-cold toes, thank you for your dedication, Mr. Floof.

Fuzzy Pillow

It’s been a slow week for cute cat pictures. This pleasant scene of Kokoro and Kaja snoozing on the bed is the best I can do.

Full disclosure: about five minutes after this picture was taken, Kokoro decided she was tired of being used as a pillow and came downstairs.

Kaja remained sleeping on the bed for several more hours. Apparently she doesn’t much care whether she has a pillow or not.

New Year, Same Old Story 2

Another New Year, Same Old Story post.

Watanuki remains hopelessly addicted to his Magic Bananas. Yes, he now has two of them.

Despite the fact that they stay in the middle of the dining room floor–common turf–Kokoro is the only one brave enough to indulge in even an occasional hit off of ‘Nuki’s fruits.