A Day Late and a Fuzzy, Short

Apologies for the belated post. Life continues chaotically here. With a little luck, we can get back on our regular schedule next week.

In the meantime, however, please enjoy this picture from my archives. Why this one? Mostly because it enabled the post title, and I couldn’t resist.


Sachiko at approximately five months, discovering the joys of her very own catnip toys.

Clever Fellow

Turns out Lefty is an unusually clever fellow.

He’s a bit of a slob when it comes to eating his gooshy fud. That’s not uncommon. However, unlike most cats, who would slop it onto the floor and then lick it up from there, he just drizzles it down the side of the bowl.

And then he does this:

Kokoro is his match intellectually–she figured out how to keep can lids from sliding across the floor by holding them in place with a paw while she licks them–but it’s a level of sophistication most cats never match.

Mostly, he’s a dignified fellow. But he’s quite taken with his magic lemon. Shortly after this video was taken, he carried it into his Fortress of Solitude (the carrier visible at the far left) so he can love on it in comfortable seclusion.

We catch occasional glimpses of the lemon. It’s slowly being ripped to shreds and losing its stuffing. We may have to get him a new one in the near future. Or offer him a magic banana.


One of Watanuki’s favorite places to chill is the rug on the kitchen floor. This may have something to do with the rug being thoroughly impregnated with catnip.
A typical pose on the rug. ‘Nuki does a lot of writing when he’s stoned, and it’s rather common for him to wind up on his side or back like this.

That white tummy is tempting, isn’t it? Just asking for a rub, right?

Don’t believe it.

He’s not nearly as stoned as he wants you to think. Check his eyes: the pupils aren’t at all dilated. For the sake of your hands, don’t try to rub the tummy until he falls asleep.

Think he’s out? Well…they’re your hands. You can risk them if you want. Brush the fur gently and pull back quickly. See what happens.

That’s what I thought. I’m not sure ‘Nuki ever really sleeps.

Better go wash the blood off your hands before it attracts sharks.

New Year, Same Old Story 2

Another New Year, Same Old Story post.

Watanuki remains hopelessly addicted to his Magic Bananas. Yes, he now has two of them.

Despite the fact that they stay in the middle of the dining room floor–common turf–Kokoro is the only one brave enough to indulge in even an occasional hit off of ‘Nuki’s fruits.

I Shall Have My Revenge

Yuki and The Knife

Yuki held the catnip knife tightly.

“I shall have my revenge,” he thought. “I have no idea what I’m taking revenge for, but I shall have it.”

He licked the handle again.

“As soon as they go to bed, I’ll… I’ll…”

Another lick, just to sharpen his memory.

“I’ll leap onto the bed and fall asleep on their feet! Yeah, that’s it! That’ll show them!”

He began to drool on the knife’s blade as he drifted off in a catnip-scented doze.