High Drama

The drama and excitement is non-stop around here, folks. Consider this scene Maggie captured a few days ago.


Something has Yuki fascinated. So fascinated he hasn’t even noticed the stray hair on his nose. The stray hair that will shortly cause him to sneeze so violently that his tail, normally curled at the end, unwinds to lie straight for nearly four seconds!

But who’s that lurking in the background?


Why, it’s Rhubarb, carefully disclaiming all knowledge of where that orange hair came from, much less how it found its way to Yuki’s nose…

Meanwhile, out in the backyard,


MM continues to prove that Carroll’s Alice was a remarkably unobservant young lady.

And Therein Lies a Tail

It seems Watanuki’s reading comprehension is a trifle lacking.
He often leaves part of his body sticking out of the condo, but it’s usually a paw, or even his entire front half.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen him leave just his tail behind.

Yes, OK. His tail is always behind him. I get it. Very clever.

As best I can tell, he’s trying to emulate the Cheshire Cat, but he’s gotten the quote quite the wrong way around. “…this time it vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone.”


“Well! I sometimes see a cat without a tail,” thought Alice; “but a tail without a cat! It’s the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!” Setting aside her saw, Alice continued down the path. “I do believe the March Hare will require an ax.”

Alice II: Nightmare in Wonderland