Kaja was not at all happy with the picture I posted last Friday. She’s been complaining all week. I mean, she complains all the time anyway, but this week it’s been nothing but that picture.

So here’s a better picture of her. Gaze upon the loveliness that is KAJA. Please. I can’t take another week of this.


Oh, and don’t look too deeply into her eyes. She’s an excellent hypnotist. Match stares with her too long and you may just find yourself sending her treats.

Mighty What?

It’s well known that Kaja is a mighty huntress. As such, she’s always aware of her surroundings and alert to anyone or anything sneaking up on her.

So if she looks like she’s thinking “Oops, busted!” that’s totally an illusion.



* Even by my low standards, it’s an awful picture. Sorry about that. It’s hard to sneak up on a cat while holding a camera.

Hang In There


I noticed something odd about the way Rhubarb sits the other day. Or, more precisely, something I’ve noticed many times without thinking about it finally registered on me.

Do you see it? No? Here, try a different angle.


Now do you see it?

Look at his tail. See how he’s got it carefully curled around the step? He often wraps his tail around something. It’s as though he feels the need for extra security.

It’s particularly odd because Kaja, his littermate, is an old-school daredevil. Her favorite trick was to slide between the steps and curl her body around until she was half upside-down.

We’re actually a little surprised–and very relieved–that she never slid all the way through and tried walking up and down the underside of the stairs, Escher-style. Knowing her determination, she might very well have succeeded, but I wouldn’t want to watch.

Come to think of it, maybe that explains Rhubarb’s habit. Maybe Kaja did take a stroll under the stairs, and the sight so unnerved Rhubarb that even now, years later, he feels the need for a little extra reassurance that gravity still likes him.

More Togetherness


Yeah. Hang on a second while I get closer.

That’s better.

What better way to lead into the weekend than with a shot of Kokoro taking some time out of her busy schedule of sleeping on my pillow to hang out with Kaja?

(To be honest, this post is something of a defensive measure. Kaja’s been complaining about her lack of appearances on the blog and threatening to do something about it. Since she has unmonitored access to Maggie’s computer, we thought it best to remove her incentive to post on her own. Nobody needs hourly rants on the future of computing. Especially from a devout Apple-head)

It’s a highly unusual scene. I’d even go so far as to say “unique”.

While Kokoro does frequently hang out in Maggie’s office*, it much more common for one of the ladies to stake out Maggie’s desk chair while the other one relaxes in this footstool/condo. Until now, the only space we’ve seen them sharing is the heat vent.

* It’s actually Kaja’s den, but Maggie has acquired the naming rights.

I’m guessing that the air conditioner came on and they decided to move their snugglefest someplace where they wouldn’t have cold air blowing up their asses.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you.







As you can see, everyone is in a festive mood and, as always, the fuzzies were delighted to pose for their photos.

Which is not to say that everything went smoothly. We had a few wardrobe malfunctions.


But a good time was had by all.

May your times be as good, if not better.

All Paws On Deck

I said in Tuesday’s post that I give my novels to a crew of beta readers. What I didn’t mention is that not all of the readers are human.

fbr1Here’s Kaja reading Splat Squad. As you might expect, she’s reading with her butt. Judging by her expression, she either just found a typo or she read a scene involving swimming. Both give her an urge to wash the offending material out of her eyes. No matter how hard she tries, though, there are some things that, once seen, cannot be unseen.

For the record, no, Sachiko is not a beta reader. She is still a kitten after all. Aside from the fact that there are child labor laws to consider, she’s still more interested in picture books.

Family Matters

Sachiko’s integration into the household continues.

She’s explored most of the floor and has moved on to second and third levels of stuff. We confidently expect to find her dangling upside down from the ceiling fan once we let her start exploring without supervision.

Yes, we’re still watching her excursions carefully. She’s establishing relations with her elders, and a mediator is sometimes necessary.

sf1Kokoro and Rhubarb are, well, to put the best interpretation on it, dubious about her.

sf2Watanuki is a creature of extremes, and that carries over into his view of the Pointy Princess. At times he seems favorably inclined, sharing toys and even his precious catnip cushion, and then she demonstrates how she got her nickname, and he reminds her of the old dictum about age and treachery.

Kaja’s reaction to Sachiko sounds quite similar to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWzXb38VyJQ We haven’t managed to snag a picture of them together. Eventually.

sf3The oddest relationship is with Yuki. He and Sachikitten seem to share a strange bond of fascination. Whenever she’s out in public, he’s in the vicinity, watching her carefully. Unless she’s forcibly restrained, she leaps on him, bites his ears, and chews on his tail–behavior she doesn’t exhibit with any of the other cats. No matter how much provocation she offers, though, he never bites back, and only rarely cuffs her.

She’s still running us ragged, scarfing down enough food to feed the entire family, and spazzing out on the slightest excuse, but she’s making progress.