Kitteh Parteh Time!

We have multiple kitteh partehs each evening. Kokoro gets a private party, because her treats contain her meds. The Flying Monkeys have their party, the downstairs gang gets two–partly for historical reasons, partly to help ensure that Emeraldas gets her fair share–and, of course, Yuki gets a parteh before we close him into his room for the night.

Yuki’s parteh is actually the first of the evening, and it’s the only one that’s open invitation. Whoever shows up gets treats. And, naturally, his brother-in-all-but-genetics is always there. In fact, Watanuki often shows up before Yuki does.

But it’s still Yuki’s parteh, and Mr. Floof gets the first treat.

And, yes, we do use tongs to distribute the treats. Only at Yuki’s parteh. Because while the Ooki brothers are generally safe enough to hand-feed, something about being next to each other like this brings out their darker sides (no pun intended).

You do not want to get your fingers too close to the fearsome, chawmpin’ jaws of the Floofigator.

Nor do you want to risk digital integrity when Thugzilla shows up.

I mean, seriously. Right-click those photos and “open in new tab” to see them full size. Take a close look at the toothmarks in the tongs. Picture them on your hands.

We’re considering adding puncture-proof gloves to our Yuki Parteh outfits.

2 thoughts on “Kitteh Parteh Time!

  1. Gaah! We also have the nightly medicated treat ritual (including the Treats Of Appeasement given to those on no medication regimen) but no one’s ever gotten… chompy. Torvald of glorious memory was an out and out biter when he got aggressive, and when he turned out to need medication with multiple drugs twice a day I feared for my life, but he took everything meekly, to our utter astonishment (and he wasn’t a cat you could deceive with a treat; he had to be manhandled every time). Beats me.


    • There are times I strongly suspect cats don’t live on the food we give them, but on emotional radiation, in particular, the astonishment we feel when they confound our expectations.

      And Yuki is a real sweetie most of the time. But when it’s parteh time and the Ferocious Floofigator appears, all bets are off.


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