How Can You Resist?

Turns out there is at least one thing Lefty doesn’t consider to be food.

Aside from feta, that is.

We continue to give him opportunities to broaden his culinary palette, and he generally adopts them with enthusiasm. Surprisingly, however, yoghurt turned out to be beyond the food event horizon.

Granted, stereotypes about cats and dairy products are greatly overblown. But Rhubarb is an enthusiastic yoghurt eater–even though it causes various sorts of digestive upset–so we rather expected Lefty to give it a try. Nope. A couple of sniffs were followed by burying motions.

And, yes, we know we really shouldn’t be feeding him at the table.

But he’s so polite about his requests. He sits quietly on the floor between our chairs and gives us the “Hey, hoomins, here I am, how about it?” look.

Maybe you could resist.

We can’t.

2 thoughts on “How Can You Resist?

  1. Our Mr. Ferguson (may his memory be for a blessing) used to fuss and plead for yogurt, and when the finished dish was put on the floor for him to lick clean, sniff and stalk away it disgust. It was never the GOOD yogurt.


    • Clearly, cats and yoghurt have an interesting relationship.

      One thing I didn’t mention in the post: Rhubarb’s favorite yoghurt flavor is lemon. So much for the “cats hate citrus” meme.

      And in an amusing coincidence, a mostly-work-from-home colleague dropped by today with her shoulder-riding cat. Said feline was enjoying licks from her very own paper cup full of yoghurt. Plain, I think, though it might have been vanilla.


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