Are You Sure That’s a Cat?

Yes, actually, I am.

I’ll admit that I’m not sure which cat it is–there are several black and white felines in the neighborhood–but I’m certain it’s a cat.

Here, have a closer look:

For the record, I’m posting this not so much to introduce you to a new neighbor–call them our foul weather friend, as they’ve taken up residence in the Rose Cottage only during our recent rain storms–but to demonstrate what the Pixel 6 Pro’s Dark Mode can do.

This picture was taken through the rain (and the rain-splattered window), at 4x zoom. The only light was from the room behind me (hence the reflection of the water bowl on the left side) and the only editing is cropping and–in the first shot–resizing.

I’d regard the fact that you can even see the Rose Cottage, much less the inhabitant, as a triumph of technological brilliance.

Next rainstorm, I think I’ll break out my tripod and see how the phone’s astrophotography mode does in similar conditions.

3 thoughts on “Are You Sure That’s a Cat?

  1. I have a Pixel 6. I haven’t experimented with the camera a whole lot because I use a DSLR. From the experiments I have tried, I see that it enhances colors in ways that a lot of people probably like, but to me do not look like what I saw. But I have to admit that dark mode is impressive, and I did not even know that it had dark mode or astrophotography mode. I will be curious to see your results.


    • It literally just occurred to me that I have no way to attach the phone to my tripod. Clearly, I need to get an appropriate phone-holder.

      Because–and I didn’t realize this until I tried to use the astrophotography mode on the eclipse–you can’t actually select that mode. If you choose the dark mode and then keep the phone absolutely still (i.e. on a tripod) it’ll put itself into astrophotography mode. Very sneaky, Google, very sneaky.


      • Yeah, I found the selection very weird. It looked like it was selected. But you try just propping the phone up against something.


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