The Denizens

Not counting occasional brief forays into the upstairs hall, Kaja and Rhubarb stay in Maggie’s den. Kokoro is more adventurous, spending an occasional afternoon or evening out and about, but returning to the den overnight.

Herewith, a peaceful portrait of The Denizens.

5 thoughts on “The Denizens

    • Believe me, this kind of tranquility is far from common around here. Kokoro is loudly verbal when she’s in the mood to exit the den, when somebody steals her dinner, and at random times day and night. Kaja’s been known to announce her displeasure with the universe in quite piercing tones. And, of course Rhubarb and Kaja tussle as siblings do. Standing in the kitchen–directly under Maggie’s den–is like being in a construction zone: “thumpita thumpita thumpita boom thwocka clang!”


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