I don’t know why pictures of cats who don’t quite fit into their chosen spaces amuses me so much.

Maybe it’s the subtle–or sometimes not-so-subtle–puncturing of their superior attitude.

Or perhaps it’s because it’s an excellent illustration of how flexible the parameters of “If it fits, I sits” can become in the right paws.

Or–most likely of all–because it’s just gosh-darned cute.

As Yuki demonstrated recently.

There is a cat attached to that tail, but I sure can’t prove it.

4 thoughts on “Overflow

  1. don’t fall for it .. its a floof trap. It there to beckon you, and then the only escape is bacon and be gone. 🙂 Also, I hear if you tape a square on the carpet, its a cat trap, but be warned, I am not responsible for what happens once you sleep.


    • I might buy it from another cat–Mr. Knuckles, especially–but not Mr. Floof. He’s just not the trapping kind. Okay, if he corners you, he’ll undoubtedly drool on you, but he’s not going to set out to get you.

      As for the tape square trap, might be interesting to try it. Not too worried about going to sleep: feline dinnertime is right before bedtime, and a full bowl earns a lot of forgiveness around here.


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