Enthusiasm Is a Variable Quantity

The cats got their Christmas present a couple of days early.

As one would expect, reactions are mixed. Nor, for that matter, has everyone expressed an opinion. But early returns are encouraging.

Yuki is neutral. He knows it’s there, but hasn’t shown much interest.

Watanuki, on the other forepaw, is enthusiastic.

Very enthusiastic.

Lefty is interested. Cautiously interested.

Especially cautious with Mr. Knuckles watching him. Lefty needs a certain amount of reassurance that he’s allowed to use it.

However, there’s no question about who’s most enthralled by the new playground. That’s Sachiko, paws–and all other body parts–down.

Well, okay, toe beans up, even if the other parts are down. But it’s hard to beat a twenty-beans-up rating.

2 thoughts on “Enthusiasm Is a Variable Quantity

    • Remember: Christmas presents aren’t a competition. 😉

      (All the kudos go to Maggie, actually. She selected the condo, bought it, assembled it, and anchored it to the wall. My only contribution has been to enjoy the feline show. I’m considering it to be partly another present for me.)

      As for yours, well…I will say that our dedicated scratching posts get little use. The gang would much rather tear up the carpet on the stairs than use such a single-purpose object. The scratching posts built into condos, however, do get used. Food for thought.

      And in the “some things never change” CATegory, ‘Nuki made sure to test the cardboard box my gifts had come in. It was a rather good fit, once he realized he needed to curl his tail under himself.


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