Can’t Ignore It Forever

So, to no one’s surprise at all, the Lame Duck a L’Orange has fired Chris Krebs. One might almost be tempted to believe that Krebs wanted out of the Department of Homeland Security. What does he think is coming? (I did say “almost”; that sort of thinking smacks more than a bit of paranoia. On the other hand, now that the baseball season is over, paranoia is the nation’s first choice for a pastime.)

I haven’t written anything about the election because, really, what’s the point before the proverbial final aria has been belted out? The states are still certifying their votes, the Electoral College will have its say, and the Supreme Court could jump in. And don’t forget to obsess about the Senate runoffs in Georgia. But a few random thoughts intrude now and then, so I figured I’d inflict them on you all.

All that said, I’m delighted to see the Quacking One placing his faith in the legal talents of Giuliani. Donny can’t keep a consistent thought going from one end of a sentence to the other, and Rudy can’t keep a legal theory going from one end of an argument to the other. So well matched!

And, of course, there’s that other delightful news out of Georgia: according to the Secretary of State–the same guy who claims Lindsay Graham pressured him to lose Democratic votes–there were 24,000 Republican voters in the primary election who failed to vote this month, presumably because Trump told them voting by mail wasn’t safe, but they couldn’t be bothered to show up to vote in person. Talk about shooting one’s self in the foot while putting said foot in one’s mouth!

You’ve probably heard that toilet paper is in short supply again. My own theory is that people aren’t hoarding it in case of another shelter-in-place. I think they’re just collecting it for a massive TP-ing of the White House if donny (does he really deserve a capital letter?) refuses to vacate come January 20.

Not that it would matter if he locked himself into the Oval Office. As any number of people have pointed out, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (home to the Vice President’s offices) is right next door, and is admirably equipped to serve as a center of government. If donny doesn’t want to leave the White House, that’s just fine. Lock the doors from the outside and he’ll be just fine. I’m sure the Secret Service would be delighted to toss a fast food burger through a window every so often. Wouldn’t do to let him starve, after all, and protecting his life is part of their job description.

And meanwhile, the election goes on. I believe Georgia is expecting to complete their recount and certify the election results shortly. One step closer to closure.

7 thoughts on “Can’t Ignore It Forever

  1. I love the scenario of thorwing in a burger, but of course one of the psycho things about donny is he’s afraid of being poisoned, so unless he can be sure there’s no tampering, he might not eat it. I’d give him six hours before he caved in.

    Anyway, I’m hoping there’ll be pay per view of him being escorted off the premises by Federal marshals. As the president-elect said, “The US government is perfectly capable of removing trespassers from the White House.”


    • You think he has enough self control to hold out for six hours?

      Seriously, though, why even bother kicking him out? If nobody pays any attention to him, he’ll just wander endlessly through the halls. Wouldn’t be the first time the White House has been haunted. (David Brin suggested he might even be a tourist attraction, haunting the lawn, demanding tribute.) “It is a former president/And he stoppeth one of three…”

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  2. By the way, I shared it on a private “resistance activism” page. One of the members said that her husband had discovered it independently, and she was impressed that “your nephew” had written it. So am I. The attending comments and replies are killing it!


  3. And here are some comments from the LB Resister Sisters: Casey’s reply. Killin’ it!

    Casey is on it! well done.

    My brilliant nephew wrote this on his blog. Among other observations, he named It “Lame Duck a l’Orange.”
    It was brilliant and made me lol!

    I loved the giant TPing of the White House!!!

    I loved the giant TPing of the White House!!!
    es–all hysterical!

    LOVE the name alone!


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