Sound Off!

The weird lighting and rapidly changing temperatures have everyone in the household a bit unbalanced and prone to hiding in caves and/or under the covers*. The result is a notable lack of entertainingly cute pictures this week.

* I include the two-legged inhabitants in that assessment.

So, instead, how about a Rogues’ Gallery of all of the quadrupeds with a minimum of commentary?

In order of increasing seniority:




The Ookis came into the house at the same time, but ‘Nuki is clearly the senior of the two.

Watanuki (three months older and far more dominant than his shelter-brother)

The Flying Monkeys don’t fly as much as they used to when they were kittens. But again, Kaja is the obvious senior.

Kaja (a born leader and much more aggressive than her littermate)

And the grande dame, Ms. Kokoro

2 thoughts on “Sound Off!

  1. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a straightforward gallery of your gang before. That’s a LOTTA cats, comparable in my real life experience only to the Engineer, who when I met him lived in a group house that eventually accumulated nine cats. (We ended up with three that weren’t originally his when their human blithely skipped out on them upon sale of the property.) His description of nine cats trying to decide who got the one hapless mouse that had found its way in was comedy gold.


    • “Accumulate” is exactly the right word for describing how cats seem to come into this household. It’s definitely an agglutanitive process.

      Or, given how much sprawling around the house they do, maybe it’s more sedimentary.


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