My apologies for the late and short post. Blame the virus for detaching us all from the concept of linear time. (Translation: I forgot what day it was and by the time I remembered, it was too late to put something together.)

I’ll shoot to have something more substantial next Friday, but for now, enjoy this infrared shot of Lefty and MM hanging out last night.


MM is definitely more nocturnal than the rest of the crew, including Lefty. She’ll come out of the cage and explore the room at night, but once the sun comes up, she returns to the comfort of her caves–the condo and the milk crate–to sleep until dinnertime.

It will be interesting to see if her schedule changes once we start allowing her to roam the rest of the house.

2 thoughts on “Chillin’

  1. I’ve developed the same problem with time, bigly. Just posting to say nothing of folowing and commenting. I enjoy your kitty posts whenever they go up and I’m remiss about saying so, because anything that gets us through this mishegaas should be appreciated.

    My Engineer’s old group house had a formerly indoor cat who hated everyone inside and eventually insisted on living in a doll house in the yard and would only come around at night, the only case I know of a cat going from domestic to all but feral. Only one of the indoor/outdoor cats was acceptable to her and they would hang out like this.


    • Gotta say I’ve never heard of a cat voluntarily becoming feral. They never fail to find ways to surprise us.

      Temporal dislocation really is a big problem. Too many days that are too much alike when one can’t go out and do things. The calendar gets empty, and we all sort of drift along. Wish I had some good ideas for how to alleviate the situation. I’d make a fortune, I suspect.

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