All Mine

Sachiko has laid claim to the household’s entire stockpile of gooshy fud.


Not only does she have the shared stock of Purina and the Fancy Feast we use when someone is on medication (mixing the drugs into the “Kitty Krack” ensures the patient gets their full dose), but on her far side is Watanuki’s special low-residue gooshy and Sachiko has one haunch firmly planted on that case as well.

“Share?” she says. “It’s mine now, and I don’t do shares.”


If retaining ownership means staying put 24/7, Sachiko is up for it.


In truth, she’s abandoned her hoard a couple of times for visits to the box and–because her hoomins are rude and refuse to put food bowls anywhere but on the floor–to eat. But she solemnly assures us that those minor lapses “don’t count”.

4 thoughts on “All Mine

  1. It’s always nice to see somebody else keeps a storehouse of cat food piled up and at the ready. Our tribe is delighted that the back porch is now their personal cat food pantry.

    And, Sachiko has the perfect, “This is mine, don’t touch” look on her face.


    • Having a stockpile is essential, especially these days. Otherwise, one is likely to wake up sans fingers or toes…

      FWIW, Sachiko hasn’t been able to lay claim to the krunchiez stockpile. That’s out in the garage, where felines are not permitted.


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