Rufus is an incredible camera slut. I’m convinced he can hear the sound of a smartphone sending power to the camera, because the instant I launch the app–on either of my phones–he wakes up and comes rushing over to make sure I get plenty of shots of his good side.

That means candid photographs of him are hard to come by. Not quite “scarce as Rufus teeth,” but close.

But I finally managed to get a shot of him in his favorite sleeping spot in something approximating his usual sleeping position.


Note the dangling tail and hind paw.

Note the gracefully curled front paw.

Note the small light next to his cheek. That’s called a “power button” and it can be used to turn off a computer.

Did I mention that the computer in question is the main file server for the house?

Of course he’s stepped on the button. Several times. He’s a cat isn’t he? If he isn’t causing trouble while looking cute and innocent, he’s failing to fulfill his duties as a feline and as the instructor of Lefty’s ongoing class in proper interactions with bipeds.

4 thoughts on “Comfy?

    • This sort of thing is a family tradition. Years ago–so many years ago that screensavers were a thing–the “Fireworks” screensaver persuaded several of our feline crew to walk across the keyboard to bat at the monitor. Of course, that made the fireworks go away, so they’d type a few feline swear words.

      And then there was the answering machine with the “Delete messages” button right below the blinking red “New messages” light…


  1. What a troublemaker! I wish P&F would pose for the camera so well. They’re oh-so-over having their picture taken. The only reason why they let you take their picture is that they don’t realize that the phone is a camera.


    • They’ll probably figure it out eventually, and then none of us will ever get another picture of them.

      Or maybe we could invest in “spy cameras” with the lens built into a pair of glasses or something.


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