Want to see something amazing? Check this out:


Yes, that’s Lefty. Asleep. I actually got close enough to take the picture without waking him up!

Admittedly, I did use the phone’s zoom lens, so I wasn’t quite as close as the picture might suggest.

But even so, the fact that I was able to get that close without putting him on high alert is astounding.

Want to see something even more amazing? Sure you do!


Left to right, that’s Rhubarb, ‘Nuki, Lefty, and Yuki.

I think it’s safe to say that Lefty is now one of the gang.

But the impressive part is that they’re sharing a bed, all asleep.

This is an event of earth-shaking magnitude, probably on a par with total solar eclipses for rarity.

Okay, that’s a bit of hyperbole.

But it’s nice to see Lefty fitting in and learning to take the presence of bipeds–even bipeds with cameras–as nothing to stress out about.

4 thoughts on “Relax!

  1. Absolutely seismic. I remember when I discovered Nickel Catmium, the Holy Terror, cuddled up with Mr. Ferguson, whom only a few days before she had been chasing relentlessly around the basement with her tail bushed out. They were married to the end of his life and I despair of getting her mellow with anyone else again, you are doing a lot better here.


    • Credit where credit is due: Lucky is putting in the effort to fit in. All we’re doing is giving him the opportunity. (Actually, some credit goes to Rufus. He’s been an excellent role model.)

      They make their own decisions about mellowness–as everything else–and all we can do is stand by with the water bottle to keep negotiations from getting totally out of paw.

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