Kitteh Parteh

Whenever we walk into the kitchen, felines gather in hope of a kitteh parteh. The big rush is in the morning, since that’s when we’re most likely to distribute random treats, but even in the evening, the odds are good that somebody will come in with us.

A typical morning looks like this:

(Sachiko was a bit late to this particular party, though she did make it before all the goodies were gone.)

The regulars have learned the fine art of prairie-catting.

Yuki’s hind legs aren’t up to the challenge, but he does stretch his neck upward in a giraffe pose.

‘Nuki is a good prairie-catter, and Sachiko is no slouch either (sorry).

Lefty is deeply suspicious of the concept. He still insists on receiving his treats with all four feet on the ground as the Ur-Cat intended.

(That shot makes the kitteh parteh look quite placid and polite. Don’t be fooled: there’s quite a lot of pushing and shoving and demanding of attention. All of which, by the way, Lefty is showing great talent for. He’s got a unique head-bump that involves his full body, and which has been known to send smaller cats flying across the room.)

The true champion of the prairie-catters, however, is Rhubarb, paws up.

I’m fairly sure that by this time next year, he’ll be levitating to gain extra inches on his competition.

4 thoughts on “Kitteh Parteh

  1. It has been a horrible week of sign-stealing and impeaching and wildfires and all sorts of bad (the order there is random … sign-stealing? Who cares when a continent and a democracy are on fire?). But, with one word — prairie-catting — you have made my heart a little bit happier. Can’t fix all the bad in the world … but prairie-catting … that’s awesome. Off to train my cats …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t denigrate sign stealing. The big things are made up of smaller things, after all. If democracy wasn’t on fire, would so many people think they could steal signs with impunity? And in reverse: in a social climate where so many people feel free to ignore the norms of their peers and flout the rules of their profession by stealing signs, is it any wonder so many feel free to do the same for their country?

      That said, I’m glad I could brighten your day in some small fashion. Good luck with your crew.


    • And the really great thing is that I didn’t even have to come up with the concept. They handed it to me. Okay, yes, it was covered in cat slobber and was a bit gnawed around the edges. But that’s fine, because so is almost everything else below knee level in that part of the house.


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