Portraits in Grey and Silver

This one’s for Jackie. I know she could use something to distract her from the Orioles’ winter maneuverings…

So how about a shot of Sir Rufus looking every inch the regal gentleman that he is?

Of course he does have his playful side. He’s quite the photobomber, as this shot of Lefty proves.

Yes, it really is a photo of Lefty, as this enhanced version proves.
Even the camera prefers to focus on Rufus. Which honestly doesn’t bother Lefty one little bit.

(By the way, all the photos in today’s post are Maggie’s work. I’ve been running in enough circles lately that I haven’t gotten any good shots of the fuzzies. Hopefully that will change soon, but many thanks to Maggie for filling the gap.)

Despite his fondness for the camera, Rufus is still a very sound sleeper. Even the shutter noise can’t awaken him once he’s gotten into deep sleep/power save mode.

When all is said, though, Rufus’ essence remains his quiet dignity and thoughtful mien.

(My favorite shot in this batch and one of my all-time favorite shots of Rufus. Handsome under any circumstances, but his shadow sets him off perfectly here.)

2 thoughts on “Portraits in Grey and Silver

  1. As long as you have cats … a blog … and photos … I will not be left gloomy by the Orioles. The state of the world has my head spinning this morning. That I can take a deep breath, take a peek at Rufus, and re-set … (oh, and a cup of coffee) … is a gift. It won’t fix the world, but it has made my morning a little lighter. Thank you for that! Wishing you and Maggie and the tribe of tigers out there on the other coast a healthy and happy 2020.


    • Anything that lightens a morning is a GoodThing(tm). Glad we were able to provide a few helpful photons.

      (Retroactively) enjoy the coffee, stay warm and dry, and get out there and win the new decade. (No arguments about when the decade starts, please. I’m quite happy to celebrate twice.)


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