Worst Good Eats

Or should that be “Good Eats, Bad Cooks”?

I am thrilled and intrigued.

Which is just what They want, of course. But that’s fair enough. It’s nice to see some evidence of competence from time to time.

What I’m talking about is the upcoming season of Worst Cooks in America.

There are no major changes in the offing. Still sixteen bad cooks competing to improve their skills. Anne Burrell is still the face of the show. And a few minor variations to keep the whole thing from devolving into an unwatchable photocopy of the last half dozen seasons.

But, oh, those minor variations.

Foremost among them: Anne’s competition in training up the contestants this time around is Alton Brown.

This is going to be fascinating to watch.

Alton’s on-screen persona isn’t competitive. Despite the years hosting Cutthroat Kitchen, he still comes across primarily as an educator.

Which is, naturally, what the Worst Cooks participants need.

But will there be room for a few patented Alton historical and scientific digressions? There must be a lot that never makes it to the screen. I’m sure the competitors get plenty of one-on-one coaching from the instructors, and Alton’s methodical approach should be very helpful for whatever subset of the group who are capable of following directions.

But still. Entertaining as it might be to see how the gang takes a discourse on the chemical properties of gluten or the history of saffron, will it help their cooking?

And, given that entertainment is the name of the game here and the overall story arc of the competition between Anne’s and Alton’s cooks, are we going to see a few well-placed items from the Cutthroat Kitchen archives show up? How would Anne’s cooks manage with a corkscrew-shaped skillet?

Even if Alton plays it straight, though, his sense of humor may be the only thing that gets him through the season. And, if this season’s selection of cooks are truly as horrible as in years past, we may all need to play the Alton Drinking Game to survive.

Here’s hoping for a season of golden Brown deliciousness. We’ll find out on Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Worst Good Eats

  1. I love, love, love Alton Brown, but I never cottoned to “Cutthroat Kitchen”. But, “Worst Cooks” could be a good platform for him. I’m like you … intrigued. Did you see his “Alton Brown Challenge” stint on “Chopped”? I thought that worked pretty well. It’s not “Good Eats”, but if “Worst Cooks” gets Alton Brown a little more airtime, I’m good with that.


    • We did see the Challenge and enjoyed it greatly. And, of course, we’ve been watching the new season of Good Eats.

      Worst Cooks isn’t baseball, of course, but–especially with Alton aboard–it should fill the gap. (First pre-season games are less than two months away!)


  2. Here’s something I know from just observing the world around me. There are huge swaths of what I term clueless people out there. It’s pretty evident when it comes to cooking, but I’m also one who boggles at those who still pay by check at a grocery store.


    • Writing checks in general, or just the ones who wait until their entire purchase has been rung up before they pull out the checkbook? ‘Cause the first isn’t unreasonable if one is concerned about one’s financial information. You never hear about anyone breaking into Safeway’s computer to steal checking account information.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Which surprises me. You could just walk in plug in and get all of it. Being I have experience with networking I know what to look for in a place. And some of it is just right there out in the open.


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