Hanging Around

A couple of cameo appearances today. Perhaps you recall Beth and Eric’s feline overlords, Patience and Fortitude?

They’re no longer kittens, but they’re still quite the cuties.


“I haz a nest.” –Forti


“Oh, yeah? Well I haz a nest too, and I haz a kyute.” –Patti


“Oy, haz I gots a dubious about the both of youse.” –Sachiko.  (Why yes, we are corrupting her language. Isn’t that what one is supposed to do to one’s kids?)

4 thoughts on “Hanging Around

  1. Patience is sitting here with me on top of the laptop gawking at the pictures of herself and Fortitude. She doesn’t know quite what to say, but you have captured enough of her interest she has stopped climbing all over me and stomping all over the keyboard.


    • I gotta say I’m amazed. Stopping Patience in her tracks for more than fifteen seconds is impressive.

      Let’s just hope she won’t figure out that phones are also cameras. It’s hard enough to sneak a decent shot of her as it is. If she starts avoiding phones, we may never get another picture of her.


      • All true!

        To be fair, I was streaming radio and it was playing a weird mash of Crazy Train with something else, and there was also a voice talking, and that had aroused her interest in the screen. The speakers are built into the screen.


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