Three Cats

A grab bag of felines today–though I don’t recommend putting cats in a bag. Especially not multiple cats.

Lefty continues to heal.

As you can see, the fur is starting to grow back on his forehead, and his nose no longer looks scabby and raw. And this picture is several days old; he’s looking even better now.

He’s still spending most of his time in his Fortress of Solitude and refusing to interact with us, but he’s moving around well, eating enthusiastically, and keeping himself groomed. In fact, he’s turning into quite the dapper gentleman.

Then there’s Watanuki, who seems determined to prove that even the most thuggish fellows have their charming moments.

Normally, he’s extremely dignified, but occasionally he forgets himself and winds up showing off his cute side.

Speaking of which…

Patience may not be a kitten any more, but she continues to embody the very spirit and soul of cute.

10 thoughts on “Three Cats

  1. While I run the risk of offending cats … by implying that they all look alike … I did a double take when I saw Patience. For she is the spit-and-image of our Zuzu. Same size, same furishness. For what it’s worth, Zuzu would find this cosmic connection eye-rollingly dull. But, I think it’s awesome. Greetings to your feline tribe (and, you know, a special hello to Rufus).


    • I don’t think any cats would take that implication. After all, each of them knows very well they’re the unique center of the universe. Therefor, there’s no way another cat could ever duplicate their magnificence.

      But I love your little prank, and I suspect Patty would be amused by the idea of putting something over on da hoomins.

      Rufus is currently snoozing in the box at the of the hall. I’ll pass your greeting along next time he drops by for cuddles.


  2. Patience-Zuzu Update: I just pranked Randy into believing that gif of Patience was Zuzu. “Look at this picture I took of Zuzu. Isn’t she adorable?” He totally fell for it … even though the floor and bowl matched nothing that we have here. This made me very happy.


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