Rufus has a new nest.

Actually, he’s been zonking out on the bathmat intermittently since we first started letting him explore the house without supervision.

And why not? It’s certainly no less comfortable than the grass he slept on for many years. It’s in a room that stays at a comfortable temperature, even when the rest of upstairs is too hot or too cold. There’s a water bowl a few steps away. And ‘Nuki hardly ever goes in there.

The only downside is that his nest gets too wet to be comfortable when the bipeds use the shower. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of alternative sleeping nooks.

4 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Forti has been removing the bathmat (the rubbery one, with the suction cups on the bottom) from the bathtub, and sometimes even pulling it out of the bathroom. I think he likes the sound and feel of the suction cups tearing off the bottom of the tub. But I fear the eventual dental bills.


    • He’s into interior design, huh? Seems to be a common variation of the “Gravity’s Little Helper” mindset. Maybe a quick spritz with a citrus-scented cleaner would discourage him.

      Feline invaders are just one of the many reasons we’re glad our shower has a door.


  2. Bath mats seem to do it for cats. Cat-sized, cushy. Alas, my Apricat of blessed memory decided they were for peeing on. And of course you aren’t surprised to see a wet patch on the bath mat… until…


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