I went to a wedding last week. More precisely, Maggie went to a wedding, and I tagged along. As long as I was there, I made sure to take pictures of all of the important attendees.

The bride and groom? Pfft.

I said important.


Who could be more important than two-week old kittens?

It occurs to me, by the way, that I can’t be the only person more willing to go to a wedding if it came with a barrel of kittens. If you’re having trouble getting guests to return their RSVP cards, you might mention the guests of honor.

Their mother was pretty chill too.

She accepted congratulatory pettings with a dignified air. While she wasn’t playing “all you can eat buffet” with the kids. That’ll ruin your dignity in no time.

Nor were they the only important attendees.

I’m fairly sure this young lady is a cousin. She was doing a meet, greet, and eat during the cocktail hour. Oddly, I didn’t see her at the dinner. She must have had a pressing engagement elsewhere.

Just to be clear, none of the four-legged attendees came home with us.

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