Ups and Downs

Lately we’ve been experiencing double-decker cats.

Which is not to say Rufus and ‘Nuki are getting along. There’s still a lot of wariness and the occasional verbal disagreement. Not much in the way of actual combat, however, much to our relief.

My apologies for the lousy picture. Let me move in closer and see if I can get a better–

Thanks a lot, Buddy.

Anyway, we tend to think of cats as being creatures of habit. We expect them to stake out some turf, and return to it over and over again.

Oddly, that’s not the case with these sleeping tubes. Twenty-four hours later, I got this shot.

Rufus upstairs, Watanuki down below. Not that you can see much more of the latter than those glowing, yellow eyes. Let me–

Oh, come on, Rufus!

You know what? Screw it.


Sachiko’s quite the cutey, isn’t she?

2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. This happens a lot — little Zuzu is snuggled up in a cozy cat bed, sleeping away. Her brother Mookie decides that he must have that amazing sleeping spot. He — slowly at first, and then more forcefully — starts to groom her then pester her until she gives up and leaves. Mookie, the victor, settles in to the wonderful spot he has been longing for. One minute later (if that), he decides, “Meh, not for me” and off he goes. I’m not sure why cats do that, but I bet that happens with your tribe, too. Hi Rufus!!!


    • Not as often as you might think, given our crowd, but when it does happen, ‘Nuki is usually the perpetrator. He almost never makes actual contact, but just slowly moves closer and closer until he’s looming over the victim. You can almost hear him saying “I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you.” The result is the same as with your guys: whoever ‘Nuki targeted leaves, he flops down in their spot, and a couple of minutes he moves someplace else.


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