Too Many Choices

It’s that time of year again.

You know, the one where all the major sports are going at once. Baseball is in Spring Training, hockey and basketball are into the second halves of their respective seasons with the playoffs approaching, and football is all about trades and cutting ties with players who’ve been arrested.

On top of that, the ever-popular Oscar season is over and college basketball’s March Madness is just ahead.

And, just to make it a perfect sweep, Daylight Savings Time kicks in this weekend, leaving us to sleepy to figure out what time the games we wanted to watch are on. I stand by last year’s observation that there is literally nothing President Trump could do that would raise his approval rating more than to do away with DST. Okay, yes, resigning would be a more popular move, but it wouldn’t raise his presidential approval score. Somebody tell him how many jobs it would create, reprogramming all the computers and IoT devices not to make the change. Feel free to exaggerate by a few orders of magnitude; he’ll never know the difference.

But I digress.

Of course, this year we’ve also got the popular game of guessing which member of Congress will be next to resign and which member of the administration will be next to be indicted, subpoenaed, and/or censured. I jest, naturally. As long as they remain part of the administration, they’re in a consequence-free zone. Just ask Kellyanne Conway, who’s been found to have committed multiple ethics violations again, but will undoubtedly not be disciplined this time either.

But I digress again. Sorry, I’m a bit grumpy today. I take some consolation in knowing Democrats are misbehaving too. The resignation of the mayor of Nashville, TN is currently the top trending story on Google–stepping down is a condition of her guilty plea to charges of embezzling city money to finance an affair.

Ms. Conway’s latest peccadilloes scored two ranks lower than Ms. Barry. She’d probably have done better with a new act. Unless you’re the Rolling Stones, you can’t get away with doing the same show over and over again, after all.

Number Two, by the way, is searches for tornado warnings after Illinois residents were incorrectly informed a tornado was imminent. Not as attention-grabbing as nuclear missiles, perhaps, but enough to beat out illegal acts by White House employees. No word yet regarding whether this error was also a result of poor computer interface design, or whether the person responsible will cooperate with the investigation.

Anyway, I’m glad we’ve got such a variety of entertainment choices these days. Enjoy your sport-of-choice!

2 thoughts on “Too Many Choices

  1. We’ve spoken before about the difficulty of getting through the month between pitchers and catchers reporting and actual “this one counts” baseball. What makes me crazy is the seeming fact that our local “sports station”, KNBR, seems to consider baseball relatively unimportant. I tune in, from time to time, hoping to hear some baseball chatter, and it’s (you should pardon my caps), ALWAYS about some other sport- basketball, ice hockey, football, for chrissake!
    It’s true that they are broadcasting some of the semi-games from Scottsdale (complete with our first hearing of this years commercials that are going to drive us nuts by September), but otherwise they tend to treat baseball like a bastard child.
    Maybe I’m asking too much. I get that this is an important time for basketball fans, and, yes, there are other sports events going on, but, dammit, we’re coming into baseball season, and I decree that baseball should be on everyone’s mind, 24/7!
    It’s only right.


    • Relying on broadcasters is clearly not a viable option. As such, we all need to make our own baseball news.

      Here’s an item for you: As of this writing, five of the thirty teams have named their Opening Day starters. Surprisingly, two of those teams will be facing each other on the 29th. Yup, Bumgarner vs Kershaw, in LA. (The other three are the Cubs, Astros, and Phillies.)


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