Baseball is upon us and everyone around here is getting in the mood.

They’re coming out of hiding.

Checking to be sure they’ve got all their gear.

Come to think of it, this may explain a lot about the relationship between ‘Nuki and Rufus. NL vs. AL. Both teams with storied pasts–though, granted, the Giants is a heck of a lot longer and holds more stories–trying to return to the glory. And yet, at the end of the playoffs, there can be only one. Very Highlander.

But I digress.

They’re making sure everything still fits.

Even if they’re a little unclear on some of the concepts.

Never mind. Play ball!

3 thoughts on “Now!

  1. Our cat, Angel, loves to play ball more than almost anything. Unfortunately, the ball she loves is a ping-pong ball, which she bats under the sofa withing five minutes…and, that’s it, until we get around to fishing it out, which can take weeks.
    Maybe, in honor of Spring Training, I’ll do that today.
    Play Ball!


    • Seems like a proper observance of the occasion.

      We’ve had good results from putting a wall under the couch. We usually wind up using odd bits of stuff–shoes, outdated phone books, and the like–but I’d imagine a hunk of 2×4 (or even cardboard, if properly anchored) would do just as well. If you put it a couple of inches back from the edge, it’s not visible to bipeds, but it keeps toys from getting out of reach of feline paws.

      Mind you, that’s not a technique we can use with the oven, some cabinets, and the fridge, but not having to wave a yardstick under the sofa is a minor life-victory.

      Or you could just invest in ping-pong balls. Amazon will be happy to sell you fifty for eleven bucks.


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