House Work

We’re having a little pre-Winter work done on the house. It involves the usual construction noises: hammering, sawing, and the occasional random crash/thud.
Most of the cats have been conspicuous by their absence.

Watanuki takes his position as Head of Security seriously. He may look a little crazed, but by Bast, he’s on the job.
A little more crazed than usual, that is.

There’s always one weirdo in the bunch, though.
Somebody who shrugs and says, “Wake me up when it’s dinner time.”

2 thoughts on “House Work

  1. Workmen in the house is a thing I dread, just because of the disruption to the cats. I hate to see them frightened and hiding, even if they are closed off from the work area and perfectly safe. I seem to get more workpeople who actually like cats than I used to, pet them before they are locked away on another floor or in a bedroom, and honor my concerns about being sure they are not let out into the scene of a project or worse, out of the house. But it still winds me up.


    • Our lot tend to be, you should forgive the expression, scaredy-cats. Someone rings the doorbell, they hide. Mail comes through the slot, they hide. Truck drives past the house, they hide.

      So workmen aren’t usually a problem. The cats hide. Unfortunately, we did have one day recently when they had to be confined. Watanuki is still pissed off about that.

      But yes, workers do seem to be getting much better about cats. I suspect it’s related to Yelp, Angie’s List, and such–if you know someone’s going to be reviewing your service, you’re more likely to go out of your way to do the little things right.


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