How Cheery

You know, back in the old days, if I didn’t have a clue what to blog about, I could always count on Google. The top searches were an almost guaranteed source of inspiration. And on the rare occasions where that didn’t help, Google News filled the gap.

But that was in the long-ago, happy days of 2015.

Now, not so much.

Google News is a disgusting pool of mass shootings, nuclear dick-waving, racism, sexism, climate change denial, and petty aggravations elevated to the level of national disasters.

And the top searches aren’t much better. As I write this, Number One, the only search term to top 100,000 searches is “Sia”. Apparently, someone is trying to sell nude photos of the singer–so she’s giving away her own nudes to depress the market. Oh, and to advertise her upcoming album of Christmas songs.

How inspirational.

Other uplifting items from the top ten:

Elizabeth Smart is filming the story of her kidnapping.

Kristina Cohen has gone public with rape allegations against Ed Westwick.

A shuttle bus driver in Texas has been arrested for shooting at a co-worker.

The third “Fifty Shades” movie is coming out in February.

The only thing that gives me any hope is that people are searching for election-related information. “Voting Day 2017” and “Where Do I Vote” are both in the top ten searches.

Please, if there’s an election today where you live–there isn’t one in my county–get out there and vote. Send a message that the world needs fixing.

So I can find something in the news we can share a laugh about.

9 thoughts on “How Cheery

      • They’re teaching autocorrect in grad school these days? What *has* the world come to?

        I gather the glitch has something to do with the emoji keyboard–more proof, as if any was needed, that emoji are the latest step in the destruction of Civilization As We Know It. Which, come to think of it, might not be a bad idea at all. Maybe the successor civilization will be an improvement. For one thing, if all electronic communication is conducted in emoji, I could finally unplug, because I wouldn’t understand anything anyone was saying.


  1. You know, emojis are just electronic hieroglyphics … they’re ultimate old school communication!

    I’m in Virginia … and I voted. (On a paper ballot! Take that, Russian hackers trying to influence my rural Virginia school board election!) Let’s hope there’s a ray of hope coming from Virginia before the night is through.


    • I’ve heard that theory–but since I can’t read hieroglyphics either, it doesn’t help me much! (Yes, I did try to learn, back in my misspent youth. The King Tut hype engine has much to answer for. But I digress.)

      Thanks for doing your part–and hooray for paper ballots!


  2. Also in VA, also voted, also paper! And then I asked others – who voted, or who aren’t in a votey place today – to tell me what they do to observe the rite and privilege we still have. (Well, some of us.)

    Now NOT watching returns, but enjoying and old NOVA about the dawn of humankind. Inspiring (and distracting – I do not want to spend the night sleepless and fear-shitting like last year).


    • Thank you for doing your part for the Preservation of Civilization As We Know It.

      Also not watching returns here. I’ll find out the results of the various elections soon enough. In the meantime, kicking back with a good book–or even the not-quite-so-good-as-hoped one I’ve got–seems like a better use of my time.


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