Rhubarb may be the house champion at loxing out, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. But Yuki’s no novice at relaxation either.

Ever see a puddle of floof?
03-1If he was any more relaxed, we’d need to squeegee him out of the carpet.

That wasn’t an easy picture to take, by the way. Somebody has decided that if pictures are going to be taken, there’s only one possible subject.

So I got a lot of shots like this:
03-2And that’s actually one of the best shots of Yuki.  Most of them have a substantial portion of his body hidden by Rufus’ butt.

Don’t believe me when I say he’s doing it on purpose?

Is there any other interpretation of this expression than “how can you cheat on me with another cat?”

5 thoughts on “Expressions

  1. What happens here is that a cat assumes an adorable attitude, I get the shot all lined up, and then in the article of pressing the photo button on my phone the little stinker will yawn and turn over or walk off. They know how to mess with you.


    • That’s Sachiko’s favorite trick, and the main reason she hasn’t been featured on the blog much lately.

      Rhubarb’s version is to stop whatever he was doing and stick his nose into the camera.

      They’re all vexatious beasts.


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