No Post Today

Due to circumstances beyond my control–an annoying confluence of engineers, cats, and HOA committees–there will not be a post today. There will be posts Thursday and Friday, “God willing and the cricks don’t rise.”

4 thoughts on “No Post Today

  1. Nice post, today, refreshing in its succinct brevity and absence of cat narratives. Could have used a baseball reference, as the Giants pursue, once again, their unique place in the record books, but you’re a man of many interests, so I can understand your skipping a day. Thanks, and keep up the good work.


    • Oddly, the closest thing baseball in my life today has been a successful effort to get Sachiko to chase a squishy foam ball.

      Though I will be watching the Mariners later, as they attempt to finish the season no worse than .500. An effort which will almost certainly fail, as it would require them to go 6-0 over the final week.

      (A baseball reference and a cat narrative. Who else feels let down today? Can I make the techies happy by noting that my Nexus 5X was running very hot and quickly draining its battery this morning? I “fixed” it by rebooting–don’t complain when Customer Support asks you if you’ve rebooted your computer unless you’ve already done that.)


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