Special Day, Special Post

Happy Rufusversary!

It was one year ago today that we took the feline formerly known as GT to the vet to have his abscess treated, an act which led, nearly inevitably, to his becoming a member of the family.

He’s still finding his place–he and Kokoro are bopping each other on the head as I write this–but on the whole, he’s doing well and seems happy.

Here’s to many more Rufusversaries.

6 thoughts on “Special Day, Special Post

  1. I’m lying here in bed with the flu (or something miserable like the flu) … and then up pops a photo of Rufus on my laptop and suddenly I’m cheery again! Happy Rufusversary! from me and the east coast gang of ferals — Mookie, ZuZu, and TomTom.


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