Those of you who are kept by cats may have noticed that they have favorite spots to hang out, but that those spots change over time.

Rufus’ current favorite:

Yeah, the back of the futon in his room.

He seems comfortable, but even so, I think it looks a bit precarious.

Maybe we should have named him Snoopy.

On a related note, we’re seeing him in places–and in proximity to others–we wouldn’t have dreamed of even a few weeks ago.

Rufus isn’t fully integrated yet. There’s still a lot of political drama, most of it with Mr. ‘Nuki, no matter what that photo suggests.

And Rufus is still very reluctant to go downstairs–upstairs is his turf; downstairs is the Great Unknown.

But he’s making progress. And that’s all one can ask for, really.

6 thoughts on “Misnamed?

  1. We have a futon-back cat, and it’s Mystery, who weighs in at nineteen pounds and change. (Trust me, we try to keep him from gorging himself; I swear that cat puts on weight from breathing.) He hasn’t capsized yet, or if he has, none of the other cats have told us about it.


    • Sounds like he’s well named, then: it’s a mystery where his weight comes from, it’s a mystery how he remains atop the futon–or else it’s a mystery how he’s bribing the other cats to keep quiet.

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