They’re Here!

I didn’t remember ordering anything, but there the box was. Being no fool, I let the security detail check it out. Once they assured me there was nothing in it that required their attention (translation: no catnip), I opened it.

Yup. Author’s copies of The RagTime Traveler arrived safely before the release date.

Naturally, I needed a couple of pictures for posterity.

Rhubarb and Yuki were properly awed.

4 thoughts on “They’re Here!

  1. I feel strange commenting on this post when you just said in your previous post that you’re away and about to begin your book tour. So, it’s like I’m writing to myself (which is not unlike writing on my own blog somedays).

    Still, the photos of your new book and kitties demands a comment. Congratulations! I know this will be a bittersweet time for you, but I know that your dad will be there in your heart with you. Enjoy every moment.

    And, let me caption that last photo for you (since you’re not actually around to stop me): “Hey. When’s the doofus going to dump all that stuffing out so we can look inside that box?” “Oh my god, it looks amazing. One of the best boxes I’ve ever seen.” “I’m pretty sure there’s room for two.”

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    • Hey, just because I’m out and about doesn’t mean I’m going to neglect this place entirely. Still have to mow the lawn–no, wait, Maggie does that. Uh, whitewash the fence? No, Tom’s got Huck doing that. Ah! Feed Rufus! I knew there was something… Anyway, I’m checking in from time to time, so you’re not quite talking to yourself.

      Many thanks for the kind words. Bittersweet is exactly the word for this week. But ragtime folk are, by and large, good uns. So the sweet has mostly dominated.

      Assuming your captioning is correct, the fuzzies are most disappointed, since the box made the trip with us. With no cats inside. I checked. Twice.


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