Cuteness Overdose

Into every life some kittens must fall…

Meet Fortitude and Patience.

Yes, I know those names traditionally go the other way around. But try telling that to the furbeasts. Getting a picture of them in the same place at the same time and not moving wasn’t easy. No way was I going to sacrifice the photo op by trying to get them to exchange places.

No, we’re not theirs. We’ve said it before: our limit is three five six seven. Mr. Fort and Ms. Nickname-to-be-determined are the new feline overlords of our friends Eric and Beth.

Patience is the brains of the outfit. She’s the one who leads their voyages of exploration and who figures out how toys work.

Of course, her ambition does sometimes lead her into territory where she probably shouldn’t go.

Despite what this next picture might suggest, Fortitude is no more likely than his sister to stay still very long. That said, as the team’s muscle, he does burn a lot of energy, and he’s likely to go from flying across the floor to snoring before he even comes to a halt.

He is a bit more photogenic than his sister. She’s handicapped by her all-black coloration. He not only has those lovely leopard spots, but also the white blob at the tip of his tail and the cute pink toe-pads.

But they’re both cuties, and we’re delighted to welcome them to our extended family. (And for those of you keeping track, yes, they are rescue kitties.)

Beth, Eric, feel free to put links to your photo collections of the kids in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Cuteness Overdose

  1. Thank you for your hilarious descriptions!

    I write “Fortitude (left) and Patience (right)” to avoid writing their names in a configuration that doesn’t sound nice and rhythmic. As an ethnomusicologist, you should appreciate that.

    My photos of them, as they’ve been growing, are at:

    Our future little boy
    Fortitude Cuddles with Daddy
    Fortitude with Cat Tree Toy


    • Maybe you should have named them both “Patience and Fortitude”. That way you can legitimately say “Meet Patience and Fortitude” while waving a hand vaguely in their direction.

      And when people ask “Which is which?” you can simply reply “Yes.”

      (And thanks for posting the links.)


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