Another Guest

Sometimes when one lives in a tourist destination, it seems like the house guests never end. As soon as Tuxie left, we had a new visitor.


Unlike Tuxie, this one was not invited.

And no, this is not the spider who spins those lovely webs near the front door. She’s still outside where she belongs.

She’s also gotten much less camera shy in the past few months.


Our unwanted guest was hanging around near the kettle. I somehow doubt she wanted to boil her dinner, but stranger things have happened around here.

In any case, and much to my relief, Maggie delivered our guest an invitation to the world–before she had the chance to explore the bedroom!

2 thoughts on “Another Guest

  1. Spiders are cool, though somewhat alarming when encountered unawares.

    In my house we have had a few seasons of jumping wolf spiders. Once in a while I would look up at the ceiling and see one while I had a massage client on the table. What to do? Well, ignore, really. They were there to remove more footling insect plagues. I remembered smacking one off my backpack in older hiking days and let them alone.

    Small member of the flesh of God,
    Forgetting harmlessness, I broke
    Your delicate body out of ignorant dread.

    And can I ask your pardon for the act
    Unless I also pardon those who struck
    Myself, unthinking, leaving me all but dead?

    Did I, meaning no ill, expose a face
    As terrible to their instinctive hearts
    As your furred, jointed body in my eyes?

    Have I not struck as they struck? Little brother,
    Pray for me now and in my hour of death:
    We are more fearful than we recognize.


    • I don’t envy you the wolf spiders one little bit. [shudder]

      I’m mostly a live and let live guy myself, even when it comes to spiders. But as I said in the earlier post, when they crawl into bed with me, I offer no quarter.

      This latest visitor was big–not humongous, but approaching the size of my thumbnail–and it ran out from under the kettle before I was properly caffeinated.

      I did not want to share the kitchen with it for an indefinite period.

      But that’s me.


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