Small Steps

Another couple of steps closer to The RagTime Traveler‘s launch.

First, if you haven’t pre-ordered because you’re wary of buying a book you haven’t browsed, your wait is over. I’ve updated the information page (click that link in the previous paragraph) to include the first chapter.

It may not be quite as slick as Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature, but if you prefer to avoid the Big A, it gets the job done. (If you do use Amazon, you can now “Look Inside” TRTT, but only on the pages for the print book, not the Kindle edition.

The hardback, by the way, is currently ranked at Number 2021 in Time Travel hardcover books. Considering that we’re still a month away from launch, that’s good news. Feel free to order a few more copies–they make great gifts, after all–and push that number even lower.

Second, I’ve booked my first signing. I’ll be at Seattle Mystery Bookshop at noon on Wednesday, June 7. Details are over there at the left side of your screen, assuming you’re reading this on the blog, rather than in email.

If you’re going to be in the Seattle area that day, why not stop by and say hello? Even if you can’t make it, tell your friends. Spread the word.

Don’t feel left out if you can’t make it. There will be other signings in other places.

As I said in the newsletter*, I’m starting to feel like a real author.

* You do read the newsletter, don’t you? If not, why not subscribe? It’s free, it won’t show up more than once a month, and each issue comes packed with goodies you won’t get anywhere else. Short articles about the writing life. Sneak peeks at the book I’m writing now! Chances to win FREE BOOKS!

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