Tuxie’s sojourn in the Rose Cottage didn’t last very long. Somebody else asserted a more pointed argument and took possession.

Actually, we don’t know if MM had to resort to claws and teeth to come out on top in the negotiations, but it wouldn’t surprise us. It wouldn’t be the first time she’s sharply asserted dominance.

Anyway, she’s been sleeping in the cottage for most of the past week, even now that the rain has stopped. That’s unusual, even unprecedented. Until the recent downpours began, she’s shown no interest in the shelters. I suppose even furry residents can be concerned about flooding.

Tuxie doesn’t lack for dry places to hang out, even with the Rose Cottage off the list. Cape Odd is too leaky–fixing that is on our to-do list–but there’s still the Hillside Shack.

That’s been his favorite sleeping place since around the time Rufus moved into the catio. The Shack is actually under the deck, so it’s sheltered by both its own roof and the catio floor. And it was very convenient for him to stop by and solicit snacks when we went out to visit Mr. Alexander.

We haven’t seen him in the Hillside Shack since MM kicked him out of the Rose Cottage, but we have seen him approaching the food bowl from that direction a couple of times, so we’re reasonably sure he’s resumed his old habits.

MM, by the way, is apparently a devotee of making life difficult for others. In addition to asserting her ownership of any object she fancies, regardless of who might have a prior claim, she also has very firm opinions about the proper way to guide us to the food bowl at dinner time.

We haven’t actually tripped over her–yet–but we have stepped on her toes a few times. And if you’ve never heard a meezer whose felines have been hurt, consider yourself lucky.

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