We began the year with the tale of Watanuki’s unauthorized experiment in outdoor living, so let’s go back to the feline contingent to close out 2016 with a cautionary tale.

As I’ve mentioned, the dining room heat vent has been very popular lately.

Although some people seem a trifle unclear on the basic concept.

Joint use is possible.

But sometimes…

conflicts arise.

And when limited resources are the subject of a fight, there can be at most one winner.

A lesson we should all keep in mind as the Western US draws ever closer to the inevitable water wars.

On a cheerier note, Rufus is doing well. He enjoyed a Christmas treat of salmon gooshy fud, and he’s rocking his new bling. No heat vents in his catio, but he’s got a warm lap every evening, and seems quite happy with that.

2 thoughts on “Caution

    • Rufus really is amazingly cool. Hope to have some good Rufus stories to share early next year.

      As for vents, in addition to the one in the dining room, there’s one in Maggie’s office that’s highly coveted by Kaja and whoever is visiting her, and another in the bedroom that seems to be Kokoro’s exclusive property. The rest are either too high up to be useful or in areas without sufficient foot traffic to be interesting.

      So when the vents fill up, those left out settle for snuggling together on the bed. It all works out. Usually.


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