Pity Kitty

Poor Rhubarb had a health scare last week.

He’s had a small lump on his forehead for the past month or so. Not growing, but not going away either. So, since he was due for his vaccination anyway, we all went down to the vet’s office.

The doc removed it, sent it off for analysis, gave Rhubarb his shots, and sent him home that afternoon.

We were all delighted to learn that the lump was a follicular cyst, but Rhubarb was not happy about wearing the Cone o’ Shame.

Just look at that piteous expression. He’s been getting a larger-than-usual number of cuddles this week.

Follicular cysts are, we’re given to understand, not life-threatening, not prone to recurrence, and not communicable. Hooray for that.

But Rhubarb still has another week or so wearing the Cone, and he’s got quite the decoration on the top of his head.

We’re still not sure if we should be calling him “Rubanstein” or “Frankenbarb”.

9 thoughts on “Pity Kitty

    • I strive for “entertaining and informative” in almost everything I write. Nice to know I hit the target every so often.

      “Funnel Face”? Hmm. I can hear Rhubarb thinking “If this damn thing actually funneled food into my mouth, I might not mind it so much.”

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  1. Only just getting back to following my blogs — 2016 has finally depressed me to the point of near muteness. But I’m so glad this is the first thing I read. The kitty is adorable (or, to put it another way, I have a gigantic weakness for ginger cats) AND he’s not got anything serious wrong! I needed that.

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    • Well, I’m certainly glad that Rhubarb was able to brighten your year.

      He can be a big ol’ adorable ball o’ cuddles, especially in the early evening. But if there was ever a quintessential omega kitty, he’s it. Bottom of the totem pole every time. So a little admiration is probably good for him. Perk up his self-image a bit.


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