There Are Two Kinds of Toys

Rufus is a simple cat. He likes simple pleasures: a bowl of gooshy fud, a warm lap on a cold night, a bit of catnip now and then.

And he likes his toys simple, too. We’ve given him several weatherproof cat toys, mostly variations on balls and tracks. He ignores ’em.

Ah, but wave a piece of straw in his direction…

He’ll study it carefully, wait for it to stop moving, even if only for an instant, then he transforms into a blur of motion, more often than not sinking his claws into the dangerous opponent before gumming it into soggy oblivion.

Sachiko, on the other paw, was raised in a geek household. She’s been surrounded by high-tech toys her entire life.

Straw is beneath her notice.

Her favorite toy?

Yup. Partially-cut up soda bottle rings. Now them’s good eats!

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