Lounging About

Well, it took more than half a year, but someone has finally decided the roof of Cape Odd is a good lounging spot.

Yes, Tuxie has adopted it with great enthusiasm. Perhaps too great. It’s been rainy lately, but he’s still sprawling on the roof most afternoons. I’m not sure whether it’s a sign that he’s a couple of leaves short of a catnip plant, or a clever ploy to keep his paws out of the mud.

Mind you, he could go inside and stay dry without going any further away from the food bowl. But that’s Tuxie.

That was not an easy picture to take, by the way. Sachiko was in full-on “Look at me!” mode.

The second anniversary of her abdoption is rapidly approaching, making her the equivalent of a human teenager, but she still frequently behaves more like a young child.

At least we don’t have to worry about her dating.

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