Settling In and Hanging Out

Rufus is settling in nicely. He’s still got some medical issues that we’re helping him through, but he eats like a lion, cuddles like a koala, and plays like a, well, a kitten. Seems like he’s enjoying the lack of responsibility for keeping himself fed.

The round, yellow blob is a catnip lemon. The second toy, not visible in the video, is a set of small cardboard twists at the end of a wire, and the last, near the water bowl, is a catnip-filled butterfly on a wire. He frequently moves from one to another, often interspersing his play with a stint on sentry duty. He may be retired, but he still takes his self-appointed duties seriously.

He does not, however, much care for the whole picture-taking thing.
His face may be his best feature, but it does come with a whole lot of raspberries.

Tuxie, meanwhile, continues to drop by to visit Rufus, sometimes while we’re around as well.

He doesn’t mind posing for photographs, unlike his buddy; I just happened to catch this shot while he was grooming himself.

He likes the deck railing, and spends more time up there than on the floor.

And, while he’s still not sure whether humans are a good thing, he’s at least willing to consider the evidence. Skritches behind the ears and on the back of the neck are almost as good as gooshy fud.

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