Hard Work

Yesterday was a busy day for several of the cats. GT, for example, took a trip down to the vet to find out if he could stop wearing the Cone o’ Shame. Unfortunately, it seems the hole in his cheek where the drain was hasn’t quite healed yet*. So he’ll need to keep it on at least through the weekend. He’s not happy about that, but he’s handling the disappointment with dignity–and plenty of gooshy fud.

* I’ll continue to spare you pictures of his wound.

Meanwhile, Watanuki had a long hard day.

He stayed on the bed from breakfast time until mid-afternoon, at which point he made the arduous trek to the dining room.

Note the cute pink pads on that artfully dangling paw. As you can see, they’re quite worn down after his long walk downstairs.

And then there’s Kokoro.

It took hours to convince her favorite reclining chair (me, in other words) to stop fooling around with that typing nonsense and come fulfill my true purpose in life.

She must really have been exhausted after all that tapping on my office door and asking “Are you done yet?” because as soon as I sat down, she settled in and went straight to sleep.

I didn’t even get a thank-you purr. But then, I suppose I don’t thank my favorite rocking chair very often either.

4 thoughts on “Hard Work

  1. Vet trips are always bad, aren’t they? Louis Catorze is ok on the journey but, once there, kicks, yowls & fights like he’s possessed. 😈


    • Most of our crew hates the trip, but are generally well-behaved once we get there. Taking them in groups seems to help; I think they don’t want to embarrass themselves in front of their peers.

      GT is amazingly calm about the whole procedure. No complaints in the car, generally relaxed about being handled. He’s gotten several compliments from the vet and the techs along the lines of “I can’t believe he’s feral.”


    • Absolutely! It’s cheaper than giving it a raise, annual bonus, or even an occasional tip. And an occasional word of thanks may actually do more for your chair’s loyalty and year-over-year performance than more money.


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