GT Update

Good news and bad news.

The good news is that GT is out of surgery and doing well.

Unsurprisingly, he’s dehydrated, so he’ll stay at the vet’s for at least a few more hours, possibly overnight, so they can get fluids into him.

The bad news is that the blood tests showed he’s FIV-positive.

As the ASPCA says, this is common in free-roaming, outdoor, intact male cats: transmission from cat to cat most often occurs through deep bite wounds–and guess which cats are most likely to get into territorial fights.

FIV frequently remains inactive for years, but the infected cats who live in a stress-free, indoor environment do the best.

Put another way, GT would greatly benefit from a retirement home, either as a single cat, or with other FIV-positive cats. And definitely indoor-only. Unfortunately, there’s just no way we can take him on. Our house can’t be subdivided to keep him away from the FIV-negative cats and, let’s be realistic: with six we’re already perilously close to the “Crazy Cat Lady” line (and note that I don’t say which side of the line we’re close to…)

GT is a sweetie. Very mellow, and now that he’s been neutered, he’ll probably be even mellower. He’s obviously at least half-civilized and would, we’re fairly sure, respond well to being the focus of a caring biped’s attention.

So, anyone want to rescue a cat? Drop me an e-mail–the address is over in the right sidebar (bottom of the page if you’re on mobile)–or leave a comment and we’ll talk.


Update 7/20

GT has taken up residence in the garage guest quarters. He’s not at all happy about the collar, AKA “cone of shame,” but he’s eaten some food, and seems to be settling in. We’ve got a larger recovery cage on the way. Hopefully the extra space will let us rearrange the amenities (bowls and box) to make things a bit easier on him.

11 thoughts on “GT Update

    • Good to know that cohabitation is possible. But yeah, doesn’t really change the picture around here, with Kaja and ‘Nuki in the mix and Sachiko trying to carve some respect out of her siblings’ hides. And that whole CCL thing.


  1. Many good karma credits to you for all you do to help the felines in your neighborhood. My house is at cat-pacity with five and then there’s that 2,800 mile distance tween us issue. But, I do have some cat-happy (and FIV savvy) friends in your area and I’ll pass this info along. He’s a beautiful cat … I’m sure there’s a forever home out there that will be a good fit and the Internet will show itself as a force for good by finding it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The karma points really go to Maggie. I’m just a loyal supporter of her efforts.

      And thank you for sharing the word. We’d miss having GT around, but it would be fantabulous to know he had a good home.


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