The Name Game

So it’s official: Android N is “Nougat”.

Good on Google for hearkening back to the early days of “Cupcake” to choose a reasonably generic name–and one with a bit of an international flair.

There are only two things that comes to mind when you hear “Honeycomb”: the waxy thing made by bees and the overly-sweetened thing made by Post Foods. They both have their fans, but they’re definitely niche markets.

Unless you’re a Bay Area resident or dedicated It’s-It fan, “Ice Cream Sandwich” probably only suggests one thing: two pieces of vaguely cardboard-flavored cookie around a blob of sorta-vanilla, kinda-creamy substance. You know, one of these. Don’t get me wrong: sometimes those things are absolutely the perfect dessert. I’ve been known to stash a box of them in the freezer for hot days when it’s too much effort to go out in search of real ice cream. But they don’t inspire the kind of world-wide love you really want in a product name.

Nougat, on the other hand… Well.

As TfoAHK reminds us, there are three different kinds of nougat, with very different flavors and textures. Some varieties use whole or chopped nuts, some go with finely ground nuts. Dried fruit, honey, and even melted marshmallow* sometimes show up as ingredients. Something for everyone, right?

* Hmm. I wonder if the GoogleFolk who made the final name decision were aware of that variation. After all, Android Nougat wasn’t written from scratch; Android Marshmallow has to be a major ingredient in Nougat.

For whatever it’s worth, Google’s new statue shows that their version of Nougat contains plenty of coarsely-chopped peanuts.

Probably their way of saying “Nuts to you,” to the schmucks who used the name-suggestion website to suggest such tasty treats as “Nazi” and other, even less-printable, words.

The name website, by the way, hasn’t been updated as of this writing. It’s still promising that the name will be announced “soon”. Maybe the person responsible for updating the site ate too much nougat at the announcement celebration and is too sick to work?

Naming quirks notwithstanding, Android Nougat will be released sometime in the third quarter, much to the delight, I’m sure, of anyone who has a phone whose manufacturer will approve an update.

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